Stellar-H! Indie H-Game Creator,Let Your Voice Be Heard!

One thing i realized from making H-Games, that there`s not much news media that focus on H-Games or Erotic Game Developer coverage, so developer have to post their game to various forums to get the word out and hopefully people will start sharing words about their game.

Stellar-H (read:Stellar Ecchi) will try to help both H-Games enthusiast and H-Games Creator to found each other by bringing the latest news and reviews on the Indie H-Games scene and of course it`s very own forums to share and talk about making h-games.

Stellar-H, The H-Games Creator News Site

Well, as you can see is still empty :p

I`m still looking for somebody to help me out on this project since my main focus is still and always be making h-games, so if anyone out there have any experience running a news site or interested being an h-games reviews contributor drop me a mail.

If any H-Game Dev out there want to be added to the H-Games Creator List Page please contact me with a link to your website/blog.

The main income for Stellar-H is the advertising bar on the right side, the 2 big one and 10 strip small one to link to their respective site, still considering the amount fee for the both space though.It will be use to maintain the site and if possible expanding the staff line-up.The support detail will soon be available on my Patreon page.


  1. Awesome idea. I've wondered myself why there wasn't a site like this one. This way you don't have to visit 20 or more sites to be updated. Cons are both issues you pointed, time consumption and how to monetize it.

  2. Doesn't ULMF.org do this already? There's numerous reviews and up to date information on the latest H games from both sides of the ocean. THe only difference is it's a forum, like you said, but likely the biggest forum for H content there is.

  3. Hey, I added your links to my erogames developer list at http://eros3d.com a link back would be most welcome. Developing H games from Japan eh? Living the dream! ;)

  4. Hi there. I'd love to be added to the creator list. My game's Newlife - the development blog is http://splendidostrich.blogspot.co.uk/

    Otherwise, I can't really offer to help right at the moment because my schedule's full of change requests for the game. This is an interesting idea though, and I'll be keeping an eye on it - before starting development I kind of had the idea that the internet was full of adult game sites, but now I realise that there really are quite limited options for letting people know about your work.

  5. Uh, the site had gone bust.
    Are you still kicking?

  6. Where are you?

  7. Hello, I want to make the game, which were inspired "RE Progeny", it was named "RE Propagation". This is the link to blog about this game http://repropagation.blogspot.com/
    Please, look this and help to make this game!)))

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