About Marionette H-Gameworks - マリオネットとは

What is Marionette H-Gameworks?
It`s an Independent Adult (Hentai) Game Developer founded by Marionette in 2013.

Our main objective is to create a fun and classy erotic games in every possible platform.

It`s still a one man show for now with a couple of help from contributor who working remotely around the world.

MARIONETTE(Founder, Pixel artist)

Since high school I have a dream to live and work in a Major Japanese Game Company.

At the age of 21 i managed to go to Japan applying as an international student learning Japanese for 3 years while working a part time job to cover the high living cost in Japan.

After finished my study i failed to enter a Japanese Game School due financial problem as i can`t save enough money to afford the entering fee, instead i try my chances to extend my visa in Japan with a full time job working at a car parts factory while still pursuing my passion making games in my spare time.

Inspired by a huge amount of erotic adult game in Japan,In 2013 i started Marionette H-Gameworks, an Independent Game Developer focusing on erotic games market.

My ambition now is to start my own adult game company here in Japan.

I never give up on my dreams, and i never will.

I hope you will do the same.

Oh...and i love pixel art :D

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