Dark Parasite Progress Update

Fix a bug and it will spawn 5 more, my hats off for you all game programmer in the world.

Hey, guys, Marionette is in da House reporting some progress for Dark Parasite.

 Yes, it`s just the placeholder for the meantime

Got stuck fixing bug for the pregnant features so i skip to make the first boss level Layout and events, it will be those generic Boomer Zombie Boss battle for the first level.

Pretty easy boss i guess, but hey, it`s more like a tutorial level to get used for the control of the game.

That`s all i can report to you guys, Ciao!


  1. Any news form last week/month?
    Hope you work it out smoothly.

  2. Whats up Marionette? I dunno if you care much or not but on your website's front page animation, if you hold down the mouse button and move it left you can decapitate the bondaged lady :P