A Day in the life of an Indie H-Games Developer (Post 1)

So i have to go work again on Saturday, been really busy lately at the factory.I even have to go to work at Obon Holiday.

Working over time really drain my stamina a lot especially on summer, even in my only holiday i still have to go to the groceries with my rusty bicycle :)

 I usually don`t get any seat on usual day, and i just often stand on that corner :)

Kisogawa Station-Here`s my stop, a small station but quite lovely. 



  1. I feel very sorry for you mister, having to work on holiday just sucks, one can only take it easy and go on, on the other hand it could be worse... (fingers crossed)

  2. Hello you more then likely don't know this but I have been following you and your works for a long while now. I finally come a little out of my shell to say THANK YOU! For all your work and not giving up.

    A proud and shy friend.

  3. I know it might not be the place for this (but on the other hand, it's your blog) but I wouldn't object to more updates like that.
    That was actually interesting.
    As a side note, what's the experience of living a day-to-day life in Japan as a - well - foreigner? Or at the very least, non-native? Any interesting stories?


    1. Well to tell you the truth, it`s really boring routine job cycle for now.

      If i make a blog when i first came to Japan, I`m sure i can write tons of interesting story, but still i will share my experience to you guys on this blog segment.