Valentina progress

Just uploaded the latest build for Valentina with implemented new hairstyles, head accessories and female plus futa options(Oh and a hand cursor).

Since i already have a one person pledging, please understand now i have responsibilities to them who pledge, so any game progress build download link will only provided in my Patreon page. I will post my game technical stuff to my Patreon page from here on now and that mean less portion in my blogger, so i was thinking if i can blog like more my private life here?

You know like a daily blog of my life here in Japan or share my adventure to become the best adult game company in the world :P Let me hear what you guys think.

Man, i need to go to sleep now.

See ya amigo!


  1. 2 patrons now yay ^ω^

    on the blog matter my opinion is just to do as you please, it's your blog afterall, so if you want to write about other things and let the games for the patreon page it'll be all right

    i would only recommend to save a copy of all the things you upload there just in case they decide to change their policy concerning adult works


    1. Just got back from work when i check the page, it`s now 7 patron!

      Thanks, i sure will save every copy to my hard disk.

    2. yes and the first goal is almost there b(^_^)d

      i forgot to say that the new hand pointer looks great, it reminds me to mario don'k know why

      i also forgot to ask if we could have a link to your patreon page somewhere in the blog, perhaps in the menu or in the sidebar


  2. Only two? Time to correct that!

    1. I don`t know who you are or where you from

      *picture of liam neeson talking in a phone*

      But thank you for being a patron!

  3. Looks cool! Ill check it out as soon as I can sign up... wich is when I get my pay... worst part of working in the private sector. (handyman)

    1. It`s all cool Zoggy, just take your time :D

  4. Blog stuff - sounds interesting I guess? It's your blog, do what you want. I personally would be curious about some slice of life. I would also like to second Pedro, a link would be handy.


  5. Damn i knew i forgot something!
    Just added the link on the sidebar.