"Please Master, Spank me!" Prototype

Just uploaded the anal maid prototype to Patreon, so if you`re an Guard rank or above feel free to download it in the Patreon creation page.
It`s really nothing but a simple text changing, i try to run on different browser and the result does varies especially the font.Still have to learn a lot using Construct 2.


  1. aww stupid sexy fonts ;)
    just a guess but maybe it's nothing to do with construct, on the other hand, if the game is written in html5 perhaps there is a way you could override the fonts with a style sheet
    also note that it seems IE doesn't like ttf nor otf formats much

    anyway the game looks awesome ^ω^


    1. Thanks, Pedro.
      I still can`t free up some time to read some font tutorial, but then again HTML5 is quite new for me.
      But i`m really excited cause the website goal is just a few dollar away, and i really want to grip Construct 2 as soon as possible.