Monthly mini H-Game

Can`t start a better Sunday with an increasing member to 10 patron to the Marionette Legion !Thank you so much for the love guys!

At anytime soon i finally can rent a hosting so i can upload all my game.

I decided to make a free monthly mini h-games besides working on the main project, it will be an browser (HTML5) games so it`s not restricted to PC users only if i use Construct Classic.

All the Marionette Legions can play the mini games a month early before the initial release to public regardless their rank. As from rank "Guard"and above can play the prototype and every progress build. Hopefully it will be finished in next month around the 15th.

So the first mini h-games is "Please Master!Spank me!"

It`s an interactive mini game involving a tightly roped maid just waiting for you to spank her and stick various item into her tight butt hole to make her reach orgasms.

The game layout concept (Dat ass!)

As you can see it`s really simple, you experiment by teasing only her ass hole with 10 type of item until she reach orgasms.

I was going with a balloon dialog like Valentina, but i`m planning to replace it with a thinking balloon. Kinda make it more arousing, don`t you think?It`s like you have a kinda physic power and shit :D

Oh and i was wondering where you guys came from anyway(country) ?and how do you manage to find my blog?please comment



  1. This minigame looks amazing! Can't wait. And since you asked, I'm in the ol' US of A and I got here by a link on the Mogi Origins Dev Journal page. Looking forward to that game too.

    1. Cool!Nice to meet you Robert!
      Just finished laying the basic game layout right now, i think it might be finish faster than scheduled.

  2. Anal oriented game.
    Announced day before my birthday.
    I'm... I'm speechless. Marionette, I think I love you right now. And I'm twice as happy to know you won't shy away from anal content.

    As for your questions, I'm from HF and the moment you made the thread I bookmarked your stuff. I hail from Poland.


    1. I will make sure to deliver the game before your birthday, count it as a present for you ;)

      Wow! Poland, home of CD Projekt (The Witcher series) am i right? is there any h-games developer from Poland?

    2. You are correct. [Here I wrote a fucking paragraph about polish game devs in general because I'm too blind to see the "h" before h-games. Sigh.]

      So. To answer you question - none that I know of. I did not seek though, as playing a hentai game in my own native language would be... cringeworthy I suppose.

      About CDP RED - btw, you know they are working on a cyberpunk game as well? It's called Cyberpunk 2077. Hopefully it will see the light of day (after WoD mmo got axed my "things to hype" list shrunk considerably).

      Thanks for the kind words regarding the "present" ^^.
      More importantly though... Isn't it like 3-4 AM in Japan right now?



    3. Hell yeah! I remember seeing the trailer teaser for Cyberpunk and really got hyped (the robot babe is smoking hot) I hope they really can finish it.

      Someday i will make an h-games with a quality like that, someday......but not today though :p

      Yeah 4:21 AM toexact, got carried away pixeling the game sprite i just can`t stop putting pixel, i`m gonna call my boss this morning and take a day off saying i have a flu or something . I rarely skip going to work but i don`t know man, ever since i set up the patreon page and people start pledging, i really wanna quit my job so badly and just wanna make game.

      It`s like a zombie doing the same grinding stuff every day, just there cause i have to not really motivated to do it. I have to give a thumb up to the Japanese work ethic, but it`s really stressful. No wonder they have a high rate of suicide.

      Ups, sorry for my wild rant hahaha thanks for accompanying me though, i will post the sprite base color soon with some stories to train my English writing skill.

    4. Like I said, I personally AM interested in blog stuff/slice of life as well, so I could even read your thoughts about that work ethics someday.

      And I do hope you succeed. A full-blown Marionette hentai studio? Fuck yeah! I can just imagine. Hell, there's food for thought - if you know your way around programming, making a 3D hentai game isn't *that* impossible. The are free engines available and other stuff as well.
      Alas, you have to eat and pay rent first. If only one could live on horniness.


  3. Also, your new pixel avatar is cute as fuck.


  4. Just signed up as a patron for you! :D I hope that my pay will be better next month and maybe i can uppgrade the account tho -.-.

    That anal slave minigame looks like it will turn out awsome! way too few games that focus on anal only imho.
    And to answer the topic question, I am from Sweden.

    1. Tack sa myket!
      I have several Swedish friends back then when still studying at Japanese School, really chill people to hang out.
      I really admire Sweden especially their indie game dev such Mojang, Konjak and the guys who make Amnesia (haha sorry forgot their name).Why you guys keep making great indie game anyway?
      Thanks again for being a patron Zog!I`ll work hard!

  5. var så god, det är väl förtjänat! :)

    Nice! well we do mostly have a reputation to be cold, so nice that someone have the feeling of "chill" instead. :) We do have alot of those dont we? I don't realy keep track. but I think that with the countery beeing colder then a polarbears anus 75% of the year you escape to the warmth of the computer and start creating stuff.