Marionette H-Gameworks is on Patreon Baby!

Just to tell you guys i set up a patreon page to accommodate people who want to support Marionette H-Gameworks.
Here it is :

Marionette H-Gameworks Patreon Page

Adult content on Patreon can`t receive payment from PayPal (as expected) so it`s only credit card and it seems there is no Japanese language support too (maybe in the future, i guess).

I like the milestone feature on Patreon since i just rewrite every goal i want to make from my good old schedule journal. As you can see my goal is basically making an Eroge company ( yeah, sorta like "dream big start small" thingy :D) , hopefully to rival Illusion :D

I realized that i have to find a way to make some kind of monthly release as i charged a monthly payment for my crowd subscriber , i`m thinking like making a monthly mini H-Game exclusively for Patreon, could like a simple dress up game or an interactive animation game.It`s more easier  if i reached the $250 goal so i can rent a server and make a monthly update with HTML5 games using Construct 2. Let`s just see the progress from here now.

I really like to hears from you guys!about what tiers to add, what you guys hope, or maybe something that need to be fix and disagree about.Or any questions you guys like to ask to me, anything.

In the meantime check the page and see my proposal!See ya!Ciao!


  1. wow i wish you luck with the founding mister

    imho both the ranks and goals seem fair, and the idea of a monthly mini-game sounds pretty nice

    i would gladly become a patron, unfortunately at this moment my job conditions are not that good, but i hope this will change in a few months and i can join by then

    cheers 友人

  2. Count me in! I just need to get my ecconomy sorted this month and I'll sign up :)

  3. You two guys rocks!
    Always supporting with warm comment and great feedback from the start .
    It`s okay guys, don`t force it if you really need the money. I just really happy reading all of you guys comments to show some love to my game :D
    Maybe i really should make some monthly mini-game release so people who subscribe don`t feel their wasting their money.

  4. my pleasure
    and congratz for your 1st patron ヽ(^。^)ノ