Maid Anal Punishment


As she heard you entering the room, you can hear a gasped voice from a gagged mouth.But the harder she try to scream the only thing coming out from her mouth is her saliva dripping to the floor.

Her hips is starting to shake as she don`t know what is her master will do to her from now on.

Next to her lay several anal toys prepared by another servant a moment before.

Her master begin to walk slowly around the helpless tied servant and take a whip that hanging on the wall. He walk around her again, this time teasing her by poking her soft ass with the whip. Sweat start to drip from her busty breast and her butt hole is twitching as she grow more nervous.


"NggHhh!!!!"scream the servant as her master whip her rear.


He whipped her again. Harder than the first one.

He continuously whipped her again and again, every time the whip touch her skin she scream louder. her butt is turning red, Unfortunately it only make her master more excited.Not stopping there, He furiously tormenting oddly only her anus with various item that lay next to her.

Starting with inserting his finger to her anus, stuff a butt plug to her even using an enema.

Every time he use a new item, her butt hole is getting more wider and wider.

Aroused, her master is starting to pulling out his enormous and very hard dick and stick it deep inside of her widen ass.

He move his hip like crazy, thrusting in and out as the poor servant can only accepted her fate.

As he could not stand to cum any no longer, he increased the speed until he can feel it coming.

Finally, he shot his load inside her anus and now in a complete state of ecstasy.

As soon as he finished filling her anus he slowly pull his dick out of her butt hole, and fresh cum start to dripping out from her twitching anus.

Not known to the master, the servant also had an orgasm.


*Just me practicing my English writing skill as it will be boring just to post a pixel art progress. I know it`s horrendous, but hey! at least i tried :D*    


  1. The picture looks beautiful!
    I wouldn't call the writing horrendous, the story in itself is good. From what I can see, there are no grammatical errors.
    If intrested I do have some pointers to improve it however, but that is more about story writing then the language itself. :)

    1. Sure, man i really should make more of this . Pixel art+Short stories = Boner lol

    2. Hehe good good, then we are on the same page! :)

      Do you want me to send it to you in a mail instead of comment? it is going to be quite a long message.

  2. fantasstic ;)
    (sorry about that)

    i'm not much into ero stories so i can't give a proper opinion, but something different is always welcome, all the more if it's pron ^o^

    i thought blogger had an integration with analytics, anyway i'm spaniard, but i can't remember how i found your page, perhaps through the blog of a game in development

    1. Yeah, there is the blogger page views, just curios to ask you guys personally.
      Ah, yes Spain, my favorite National football team :p .Can`t wait to see them in Brazil and lift that trophy again.

  3. There's a few grammar errors, but the really noticeable ones are "her butt hole is getting more wider and wider." , the "more" there is unnecessary; and "what is her master will do to her", I don't really know what would be a good correction for that part, but it's kind of wrong there. There's also a few smaller errors that are only using the wrong verbal form, but I'm not going to go ahead and point out every single one of them; you're already hating me enough as it is right now.
    One thing I did notice is that in the beginning of the short story you say "you", making the reader her master; but afterwards all the references to her master are as a "he", as if it was some other person.
    There's that, and I hope you can make good use of this info.

    1. Ha ha ha ,No, Not at all.
      How can you hate someone who is trying to teach you stuff.
      Thank you for the correction.