Construct 2 最高!- Construct 2 is fun!

Construct 2 is fun!

Trying to port a small portion of Gladiatrix Slave and Valentina to the browser but sadly i don`t know where to host it since Scirra Arcade certainly will not accept an adult game, Just imagine touching Valentina via browser on your smartphone or Gladiatrix Slave Online where you can battle your slave against other player or even SHEVC Online.

Besides busy messing around with Construct 2, i added a yuri and futa version of Valentina on the Classic version(Sorry, I had to censor the D cause the Japanese law thing).

 Construct 2 最高!
最近買ったConstruct 2でいろいろやってみたのですが、めちゃくちゃいい!



  1. Valentina is truly achieving a high grade of awesomeness
    we have to work out a way to spread her

    1. I can think of two sites that might be able to help ya out. Hongfire.com, and ( this one might be a long shot) Hentaifromhell.org. Then again you could try uploading it on Newgrounds.com But hey I'm sure lots of sites would be willing to host and distribute your product.

    2. of course it would be easier if the game format could be embedded in a forum post, like those flash projects at Legend of Krystal, but usually you can only use bbcode

      so maybe it could be an option to ask moderators of this forums (Hongfire, LoK) about being granted permission to upload Valentina this way, since not all bbcode tags can be used and i assume you'll need a [html5] one

      maybe i'm just totally wrong

  2. By the way, where is the "Classic version" download?

    Also, be very careful about Newgrounds though, but the others are alright though, because through them I think you DON'T needs to censored your product at all

    Also I personally DON'T like HTML5 at all, since they are already hurting Adobe & others as well, that uses Chrome & other web browsers

    Also, DON'T brother of trying to gets your product on Smartphone, since Google toke over it & WON'T allow any "adult" content in their Play Store, also it'll be A-LOT harder to gets your product on the Smartphone anyways, because it WON'T be able to do downloaded world wide, IF you're shooting for that though

    Only thing I can say to you that is, try to make your own website that people can visits at & plays with your product, like some people are actually doing, to avoid the hassle of trying to gets their product on some host site

    Anyways, good luck on you product & take care of it as well, & have as well with it! : )

  3. Thanks!Here`s the link to download the Classic version


    Ha ha I remember arguing with my friends about this Flash vs HTML5 thing a while ago.

    I just released a Patreon page with a goal to rent a server so i can host my own games freely(either EXE or HTML5) hopefully it can be reached as soon as possible.