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The Offbeatr Mogi Origins project funding is already started yesterday so check it out guys!

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I`ve been commissioned to translate Mogi Origins to Japanese to reach out the Japanese market and i`m sure it will be a great H-Games even for the Japanese people, so support now by pledging or spread out the word!

So back to the Gladiatrix Slave progress report :

In order to varied things instead of grinding stats everyday, i added some speech balloon where your slave will express her thought depending on her level. There is some that you can reply, like the above example; you can allow her to masturbate or not.There will also a thought balloon added later, again depending on her level.

And i added a "Personality" to your slave, it`s completely random and it will effect your start up stats and you can`t change it .I`m still thinking about what another Personality to add.

And to more fuck things up, your slave will have a mood that change everyday (Just like my boss)


  1. This is a realy cool idea! These things will definietly make it more into a game. And I think it will work out realy well together with if you later add a storyline wich people can try to follow. but that is a thought for later...

    I love the personallity thing, I do however think this is the first time you thought of something that will make people inconvenienced... Just because you can't choose wich one it will not control much for the person playing, people will just restart the game until they get the personallity they want. wich will just take up time more then anything else.
    An idea could be to add evolving personallitys, "she was shy in the beggining, but i trained that away from her by making her confident in her body, now she loves showing it off". or "she became even more shy after i started publicly humilliate her."

    Some (easy) sudgestions for personallitys could be: athlethic, nympho, smart and tomboy. ^^

    When I read about the "Thought bubble" thing it automathicly made me think of mind reading. so maybe... a trainer item?
    Gah it feels like I'm trying to interfear too much.

    Looking forward to trying this out!
    Take care!

    1. You`ve got a point there, developing slave`s personality is more fun than a fixed personality from the start of the game.
      I kinda like your idea zoggy;
      Let`s say her personality is shy, which affect her Sex Stats becoming more weak at the first (her body is so sensitive)but her Obedience is relatively high. Then lets say we train her Charm and Lust to the max which will resulting her to become a Nympho, which her mood and thought bubble is always about sex. Or on the opposite if we don`t train her Charm and Lust she will become more quiet or introvert maybe.Oh man i can go forever with all of this idea.
      I really love to add a storyline to the game, but with a full time job on my shoulder i doubt i can keep up the development if i keep adding things to the game, just trying to make it the simplest yet fun as i can for now.

  2. Glad you like it :)

    Yeah something like that, with different milestones in between :).
    I see you have the slave maker link on the page, one could try to build the personality system like their sexuality system.
    To quote their game "XXXXXXXX is not comfortable doing this, because the action involves a woman/man" - less stats gained and happiness down.
    And another ideais having different stats there to affect eachother can mix into new personality.
    For example:
    Shy = lust and charm 0>30, arena wins 0>20 .
    Slut = lust and charm 31>70, arena wins 0>20.
    Confident = Lust and charm 0>30, arena wins 21>50. (since having people see her beat someone sure is a confidence boost)
    Nympho = Lust and charm 31>70, arena wins 21>50.
    And so on...
    (I know I might not have selected the most fitting titles, but you get the gesture)
    Something tells me that would bee too much work as of yet however, but if you like it, keep it in mind for later.
    But yeah as you said, that is an idea one can toy with forever :).

    I understand that job's take up a lot of time, and well, this is a hobby. So having to prioritize accordingly is just common sense. Having too much on your plate and mind will make everything collapse, so simplicity is a good key rule to follow.

    But well, The game is such a wonderful idea and just a glance at it makes a person understand just how much you like working with it, so I have no doubt that when it has progressed to a certain point it will get a story in it way aswell. Just don't let it be too early ^^.

  3. Thaedael here, I still think you should post your sprites at 1:1 scale instead of 2:1 so that people like myself can color them in native resolutions :)

  4. Those are pretty cool additions to the game \o/
    Good luck with the comission

  5. This is amazing. I am slowly falling in love with this project ever since you posted this over in Hongfire. The game does not need a story line, as it will make it linear. Maybe just have several "endings" the player can earn depending on how they treated their slave over a set amount of time. After this so-called ending, the player can then still continue playing with their slave if they so wish or start fresh.

    Some examples for endings are:

    A: If the player treated the slave like absolute crap, there is a possibility that the slave can die. This will result to the worst of the endings.

    B: If they get treated like an object, in which the Mistress/Player has shown them no affection at all, the girl will end up cold to everyone, and then get to fulfill her purpose of being a slave to the Demon King. So this will pretty much be the normal ending. However, there might be some slaves (depending on their personality) that might like this kind of treatment, and then result in a different ending (like the one that will be described below) ...

    C: If the player treated them right, they can then end up with the most loyal slave ever. The player will then be given a choice whether to fulfill this slave's original purpose of being sent to the Demon King or... keep her for yourself!

    If the player manages to reach this so-called "Best ending," then there should be a reward like gaining access to Threesome/3P events should they choose to make a new slave with the same player profile, or getting some "quality time" with them despite already training a new slave... kind of like in Slave Maker!

    It will be really neat to see how your original slave interacts with the other slaves as well during these sexy events. For example, if the slave develops a strong willed personality during the player's time with them, she will act dominant to the new one. Or, if they have a gentle personality, they will be more caring to other new slave while the player have their way.

    However, this so-called ending then heavily depends on the how the slave's personality is developed. For example, if the player acted real nice to their slave all game without handing out any sort of discipline whatsoever, there is a very high possibility that they get the normal ending instead. To get this ending will be the toughest, as it will really depend on the slaves stats & affection-level before a specified time.

    Making them have a personality is a good start. But developing that personality depending on how you train them is better, in my opinion. If their base personality is "Strong-Willed/Aggressive," making them submit to you will be harder, and the stat growth pertaining to making them more obedient will be lesser compared to that of someone who's "Shy." At the same time, these strong willed slaves will have an easier time fighting in the arena.

    I realize that these ideas were borrowed from Slave Maker, but getting to keep your slave for yourself and have her then "help out" with the fresh new slaves is the thing I really liked best about that game.

    Even then, I really love this project. You're a really great artist, and I hope the final version goes without a hitch! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the long comment!
      I like the multiple slave idea, but sadly it will be just 1 slave and after 3 years you will have an ending quite like you describe above.
      But like i discuss with Zoggy, hopefully it will sell well so i can do a sequel for Gladiatrix Slave to implement more idea and features to the game.