Gladiatrix Slave Prototype Build 3

Been working my ass off during holiday on Gladiatrix and i guess the build will be reaching pre alpha milestone soon. As the previous build, it will be heavily buggy but you can see the main major game loop is taking shape.

Progress :
1.The battle layout
Only the player turn available, and only "Attack" and "Erotichnique" to the enemy chest for now. Keep "Touch" the enemy "Breast" to fill her Orgasms bar until it`s full (it will take you to the City when it`s does)

2. The Shop Guild
Still messy, but the basic is pretty much cover (just needed the item list sorted out)

3. Custom made "Name Your Slave"
Taking more time than i expected, but it`s pretty neat.

4. Custom Transition "Wooden Gate Transition"
The default transition Construct provided is not enough, so i build my own!

So, probably that`s all for now.

Once again, it`s still a prototype, there will be a lot of button you can`t click and lot of bug.
Please tell me if the game crashed, when and where it was crashed. Tell me your impression once you tested it, Thanks again guys.

Download link :Prototype Build 3


  1. Yay, new update :D
    *Downloading now*

    1. He he Thanks, Oh don`t forget to try the windows resize and tell me if you encounter any problems.

    2. Okay and thanks for adding the windows resize :).

    3. Finally tested the game :).
      It was a lot of improvement than before.
      Also I can finally see the content fully because of the window resize.
      About the glitches, the details are on the ulmf forum :).

  2. I played the last version and this one.

    You make progress:
    - There are some neat animations there
    - More content

    Other things:
    - I think you changed the colour tone of the skin tones a little bit. The dark tones are okay, the ebony too, but the inbetween seems to be a little bit to much orange.

    - Still some caption mistakes (entering the Name there is "CAncel" insteat of "cancel")
    - It still takes a little bit too much time to do the training stuff
    - Still some cut off words even in resize.
    - Its a little bit tricky to get the right point of the mousebutton - maybe the farry could hold a wizard staff, to make it more clear which part of the symbol is used to do actions
    - If you attack the bottom of enemy the player turn doesnt end, but I assume that isnt implemented yet cause you said only breast attack has made it so far

    Keep up the work you getting step by step to a good game.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, i will try to adjust skin tone you mention.

  3. Sorry for not adding you to my blog sooner. I'm an idiot :(

    Btw, the game has a lot of potential. I'm excited to see what you come up with next.

    1. Btw, I suggest you zip your files b4 uploading them to the web. People are wary of downloading anything that ends in exe

    2. No problem,just trying to help fellow developer.
      Thanks, i will keep that in mind on the next update release.

  4. Great to see another update so soon!

    Only glitches I have found so far wich haven't been brought up already (on this blog atleast) Is that some message windows cover the mouse spite completely. Namely the "your gladiatrix don't have a full stamina" and "End the day let her sleep". messages.

    I do like where this is going, keep up the good work! :D

    1. Thanks for the bug report!Fixed the bugs by the time i read this.

  5. hi there
    awesome job with the new version

    here i leave some caps with a few odd things i've seen

    text overlap http://goo.gl/G8G3o1
    cloth hides cursor http://goo.gl/ZoeGM3
    cut text http://goo.gl/W1H1gc
    stretching http://goo.gl/kr2FZt


    1. The screenshot is really helpful Pedro, Thanks!

      Like i suspected ,you need the pf arma font installed on the player PC to look properly, already founded a plugins to this but i have to add it to every text in the game.I might need another screenshot again on the next update if you don`t mind.Thanks again Pedro!(The picture with pixie that hides beneath the cloth is kinda sexy though lol)

    2. sure, glad to be of any help ^_^

      i know the fonts could be a pain to work with, good luck with that, my advice would be to stick with a common one at least at this point, another option could be to upload the font file so the user can install it

      those kinky pixies... ;)

  6. The method in which the cursor functions is not entirely intuitive. It might work better if the point on the cursor was made more clear, such as by having the fairy actually pointing towards a point, instead of leaving it ambiguous.

    1. A lot of people suggest to draw her holding a wand or a whip but i`m thinking about drawing her holding a spear to change the cursor point, any suggestions?

    2. A spear would work just as well, the important thing is that it makes it easier to tell where it is clicking. I trust in your sense of aesthetics to pick between options; if you think a spear will look best, then a spear is probably the best option!

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  9. Not sure if this comment is even visible this long after the post was made, but is there any word on when a newer prototype might be released?

  10. Just a question, is there a possibility of an Android version of GS in the future ?