Gladiatrix Slave Progress Report

So the holiday`s over, progress will drastically slow as i go back to my full time job.

There`s still a lot of work regarding fonts, overlapping sprite, missing plugins etc. Thanks for people who helped reporting bugs.You guys rock!

Trying to sprite some building (The arena sprite is still unfinished)

Start outlining the shop layout, you will have 10 slot inventory to put your potions.And no..... the red thing is not a dick drawing, it`s a doddle i make as a placeholder for the potions :p


  1. Great castles sprite :).
    So, that's the font will be look like in the game. It looks very nice there :3.
    When the alpha demo was tested in my laptop, the fonts were different.

    Lol, I thought the red thing was a D at a first glance xD.