And let there be SOUUUNDDDD!!!!!

Just a minor build update, mainly to test the sound and font fix. Just let me know if the font is not changing or there is no sound at all at the castle or city.

Please don`t do battle, even though the enemy turn is implemented your slave will always disobey your orders and you can`t exit the battle.

The music is just a placeholder that i got from a free license website. So I`m still looking for a game composer.

Download link :

So i started to got significant view traffic from Japan, which means i have to start blogging for both blogger and the fc2 blog.I wasn`t expecting this since i was planning to update the Japanese blog once i start to translate it.

Oh, and i started to sketch a character mascot for Marionette H-Gameworks

The logo

The Mascot

"I called her ; Mini Marionette"


  1. The sound works fine for me, but not on all buttons have sound yet, then again since it is just a test I didn't expect it to...
    This will seam petty and probabely useless to bring up but: Would not a sound on activation (click) instead of when hovering over a button be better? Since the activation is more important then "here is something to click". (atleast in my opinion)

    Love the skiss for Mini marionette!

    Keep up the good work :) / Zoggy

    1. Thanks Zoggy!
      I will include the click sound too later, at the meantime i just want to test if there is no complain for the sound channel.

  2. good for me too
    the music at the castle and city is playing
    also i hear the buttons and the openig fx

    but i think the fonts looks the same :(

    i agree that the sound for on-mouse-over action could be a little more discreet

    awesome work anyway, new pointer included ;)

    1. Hmm...that`s weird,anybody have the same problem?

  3. Replies
    1. Wow i like it, let`s name her that!if you don`t mind of course.

    2. Anonymous here again, its actually Sparhawk, but in reality my real handle was Thaedael before the lok moderating team went to crap. Go for it, it's your game and character, if you like it go for it.

    3. Heyy it`s you!Sparh4wk long time no see!Sorry to hear what happened on the lok site, man!