Start working on the Battle System

So i`ve received some neat clothes design from forum, so it`s less work to design the clothes.Now i can put my head to the battle system.

Starting from generating random opponent :

The opponent will also randomly pick an armor based on your level (still not implemented yet)

So, the battle system will be turn based system, just done working on the undress attack command, still have 3 command left to work.

The bar on the slave`s side is the turn bar, when it`s full (the bar speed is based on the AGI stats)the slave`s will receive their turn.


  1. Really psyched for this game. Keep up the good work!

  2. Now wait a minute.
    Where's the anus target regarding ero?

    1. It`s actually the target for the opponent armor, but since i haven`t implemented it, the clothes were not shown.