Finally the long holiday is arrive!

I received a 10 days off work for the Nenmatsu Holiday (Year End Holiday)which i will use for working on Gladiatrix Slave.

She is the Madam who manages the Queen Gladiatrix Brothel and she needs a name.


  1. Looks nice :)
    Sudgestion: Make it something grand. first name and a last one. and throw a von in there or something. (Ex. Lillith von Hel)

  2. It sounds good, but it's low-hanging fruit. Lots of Lilith's and Hel's around when you're talking about demons.

    Alternate suggestion:

    "Meridiana" was the name of the succubus that supposedly slept with Pope Sylvester the 2nd and helped him become head of the Catholic Church. "Naamah" is the name of the succubus who seduced the angel Samael in Zoroastrianism. Combining with the first suggestion, how about Mistress Meridiana von Naamah?

  3. Anon: I do agree that lilith and hel are somewhat overly used.
    However both those make it sound like 2 (sure demonlike) first names and wouldn't work out with the "von". Von in names, means "from". So unless growing up on top of the other person(demon) it will sound weird for any german speaking person playing the game. Unless he/she/it just think Naamah is some part of the underworld or something.

  4. Thank you for the name idea guys , there`s still 2 succubus demon that need a name so maybe i will breakdown some of the name candidate into those 3.