Latest Gladiatrix Slave prototype build

Finally have some time to upload the latest prototype build. So the only thing that work is the slave customization, training yard, sleeping and opponent generator.Everything else will not work when it`s clicked.

The art style is still pixel art, since i don`t find any problem with it.

I missed several schedule due my full time work condition lately, but a slow progress is still a progress .

So if you want to try, here is the download link : Prototype 2

Please tell me what you think, even though is still far from completion.Thanks guys.   


  1. Great, i've give it a try and it's awesome.

    The main thing i find to be a little odd is the time of charge between screens and for the training, although i liked the progress bar

    Anyway it looks very promising, and i didn't know the plan was changing the pictures, i think your pixel art is quite cool

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Pedro, there still report of the game crashing, still have a lot of work to do.

  2. So lets start with the good things:
    Obvious the art is impressiv
    The guiding through the submenues are clear and logical
    The actions you can take are ok by now
    great character generator

    Now lets start with the things that need a little bit of love:
    - It takes a lot of time to switch between the screens, a bit faster would be great xspecial at the training yard (I assume the low speed is caused by the pre alpha version)
    - I would love more options in the character generator. Smaller/bigger Hipps/Boobs/Tallness
    - Some words are not displayed correctly they seem to be cut off
    - I hope there are enough options to keep the player atm there are just Training and Fighting but I think there will be a lot more in later releases

    1. Thank you for the feedback.
      1.Noted, i will make sure to fasten the switch screen .
      2.Sorry, this is the only customization i can do for now.
      3.I think the font become weird when the font it`s not installed on other computer, gotta resolve this as fast as i can.
      4.There will be Mistress Bed Chamber, Dungeon and Whip & Chain Guild (shop)

  3. This game seams intresting and I would love to try it, however my computer seam to have a problem with mega.co.nz :(.
    Any chanse you can upload it someware else aswell? (mediafire is prefered in my opinion),

    1. Sure thing, here you go http://www.mediafire.com/download/46bv0ltth5s665y/Prototype2.exe

    2. Thank you. Just got around to testing it.
      The game seams very promising. I like the layout a lot.
      Only things I can seam to find that needs work, other then what the other guy said. Is that for me atleast, some of the stats # are way too close to the stat text... It seam to almost no space between them if any at all. (If any at all: might just be a typo since it is only a few of them.).
      Like the other guy said, there would be fun with more customization options... but let's be realistic. better to work on the game itself in first hand then later improve by adding things that can be "optional". You seam well on the way however and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this project works out!

    3. Thank you for the feedback, i`ll make sure to add some space to the Stats text.