Gladiatrix Slave Weekly Progress : Japanese devblog

The milking room is half done, i`m so busy with my full time work lately i just can`t work on the game.It`s pretty hectic during end of the year but hey, i need the overtime hour.

I`m also starting the development blog using FC2 to start targeting the Japanese audience, so if anybody interested to see or have any Japanese friend that can help spread the word here it is : http://marionettehgameworks(dot)blog(dot)fc2(dot)com/

I found some trouble using a double font with Japanese character in Construct, so i guess i have to make separate languages for both, not really a major concern though.

Game Music is always my weakest point, i just don`t have enough time to learn how to compose.

So if any Game Composer out there is kind enough to donate their Music for Gladiatrix Slave, it will help me a lot.Or if somebody can recommend me a site that provide free royalty game music i will be grateful.

A simple loop-able Medieval theme 16 bit style is the music i want to hear from Gladiatrix Slave.


  1. hey, good luck with the japanese blog

    here are two sites with free music
    http://www.jamendo.com (try searching 8bit)

    and you can find more over here

    btw love the milking room image (and the futa one the most ;) ), although the pump machine doesn't look very demonic to me


    1. Thanks mate, i already checked the website you mentioned and it`s pretty good music they have there.
      I was originally going for steam punk style for the milking machine but it feel too "machinery"for a fantasy theme, how about we replace it with some kind of pumping tentacle monster or something?more organic stuff, you know.

    2. thanks
      i'm glad that helped
      the current machine is quite cool, i was just thinking loudly about the overall theme, either way i'm sure it will be awesome :D