Gladiatrix Slave Progress Report

I made a custom made naming system today, It`s take some time but i satisfied with the result.

And i want to introduce you to your dark pixie assistant, who will guide you in the training of your slave (No, seriously, she`s gonna be the mouse cursor replacement for this game)

And she needs a name too, I`m counting on you guys!

The save system is now operational.


  1. Let us name her as well as the Mistress character. By the way keep up the good work the game is looking really interesting and I am exited to play.

  2. great work with the naming system, very stylish :D

    about the cursor, i recommend you to make very clear for the user where the hotspot is (the pixel that targets the click)
    i don't know how this is implemented in your game platform, but maybe adding a pointing hand, a wand or a whip could be helpful

    i suggest the name Pfil, one of the main characters on the Bondage Fairies doujin

    thanks and happy holidays

    1. Thank you Pedro.
      I could overlap the mouse cursor in front of her and make the sprite opacity less visible so it won`t bothering the player, but adding a wand could work too i guess.
      Even though i`m a big fan of the Bondage Fairies, i prefer avoiding name that already well known :D

    2. np i have more :D Illyris, Sandelia, Luna...

  3. How about "Yellama"? It's the name of a fertility goddess in Southern India who is notable for the large number of girls who are "dedicated" to her, essentially becoming slaves to the temple. They are made to be sexual slaves, and their virginity is usually sold to the highest bidder on reaching maturity.


    1. Very nice reading on the Yellama, thank you.