Design your own slave cloth!

So i`ve kinda busy with work lately, even in Saturday i have to go to work.

Meaning less time to work on the game, so this is where you guys come in.

I need help on the "armor" design, i already make one "basic" cloth set (chest and abdomen) for the slave and some sketch.

I`m planning 5 parts of equipment for the sex battle; head,chest,abdomen,arms and legs, but the main parts is the chest and abdomen where you can reveal your opponent private parts (breast and crotch). Even though the chest and abdomen part is separated i do have plan for a one piece cloth which contains more "HP" but once it`s rip apart it will instantly reveal your slave`s chest and abdomen.

So if you want to see your own "armor" design in the game, drop me some sketch of it(or a colored final version).

Please notice that by submitting your design means that you agree to give me the full ownership of the design, and i have the rights to use, edit and make profit from it.

Here is the body template :

Happy designing guys!


  1. Is there a place where we can see the designs people posted?

  2. Well i only have the thread in 2 forums :