Gladiatrix Slave Progress : Slave Customization implemented & Game title logo

There will be a day where i just wake up from my bed in the morning and just making H-Games until i fell sleep again, but that day is not today.One day.....but not today, my friend.

Okay!back to some progress report, the customization is done with some minors bug to fix; like some position is off balance and color changes.

This is the final slave customization options available :

I added the green and blue eye color options and separated nose and mouth options from the previously face options so players can choose their own face type.

being an part time indie H-game dev means weekend is the only time you have to fully work on your game, at this case i manage to work on........wait for it.......the game title logo!


  1. Hahahaha! Looking good! The logo looks awesome!
    I like the number of customization options, now you only need to add detail to the body and hairs and you'll have it done (and fix that leg, haha!)

    Keep moving foward, even if it's only the weekends. Good luck man!

  2. Yea that's pretty cool

    and i wish you luck so that 'day' comes asap ;)