Slave Hair Type 3

Adding a new hairstyle for the slave :

If you guys interested to make an H-Game, i advice to read Cypress z writing on the Overwhored Development about how to get started;

Developing an H-Game: Getting started

And i really agree that this is just not for H-Games only, it can apply to a non H-Games also.


  1. Oh! Nice hairstyle! Very elf-ish, hahaha!
    Still, is it a good idea to start making the hairstyles already? I think it would be better to totally finish the basic body, in case you have to make changes in the future.

    Keep going man!

  2. Yeah, i think it`s fine, i think this body base will do for now.There`s a lot of idea but i must keep it as simple as i can, i`m stuck on idea for the last hairstyle options though .Is this the same luke from the HF forum who drew the SHEVC girl?

    1. Hahaha, yup, the one and the same. For the last hairstyle, I think you should do a long untied hair, since it's missing from the options (I liked the last one, in your last post, by the way). You can do it messy, stright or curly, or just an edit from the first one.
      I mentioned the body since there are some anatomy things I don't feel right, specially her legs. The upper body is great though.

      Well, good to see you working well on the project, so push foward!

    2. Dude, my writer and I really love your "gifts".
      Is there any chance of you joining us?especially the SHEVC development.As you can see we can`t offer you much of fortune or fame for now, but we could use another talent to join.I was gonna send you a message but i can`t open HF for some reason.
      Is it the legs length?
      I`m trying to avoid long untied hair, since i have to make it for another sprite (like the Dungeon, Milking Room etc)but i think 1 long hair type is acceptable.Currently 2 people voted for spikey kind of haircut.

    3. I mean the shape of the legs. I tried to do a quick fix (not the best, but I think it helps):

      I just pointed the long hair since it was the only missing in the pack, but a short spiked one facing to the side could look interesing. Maybe even a medium sized one that covers (partially) the ears could work too.

      About joining, I guess I can give a hand in some things. I'm no more than an unbalanced artist, but got some useful skills. Do you use skype or a better way of chating/comunication?

      See ya!

    4. Her knee does look strange, thanks luke!will fix it.Since it's just only two of us before we only use HF, but if the team size increase we might have to use skype or some kind.

    5. HF is pretty much dead for now, so you can't do much about it though, hahaha!
      Skype has a nice and stable chat system, even if you never use a cam or a microphone, so it's a good choice. E-Mail can be used as well, but not everybody checks their accounts as often. Well, it's mainly your choice, so do as you see fit.

      By the way, the brothel image looks very interesing (forgot to mention it on the previous msg). After a proper shading it should look epic.

      See ya!

    6. Let`s use Skype then, will inform you once i make an account and i`ll make sure to tell Tom (SHEVC writer) too. Do you have a showcase where i can see more of your art like DevianART or something?

      As you can see i`m still working on Gladiatrix Slave right now, but as soon as it`s finish i`m going straight to SHEVC again.So if you have any idea/sketches for SHEVC i`ll be more glad to see.

      Welcome aboard,luke.

    7. http://lukenukeas.deviantart.com/

      Though all you see it's mostly old, so it's not that accurate (It's been a long while since I logged in too, haha).