Gladiatrix Slave Prototype release

Okay guys here is the rough foundation of Gladiatrix Slave.
Only worked on Slave Customization, Training Yard,Sleep and Brothel , and decided to work on the battle system last.

Here is the link : Prototype

Tell me what you guys think!Bye!


  1. The pixel art is gorgeous. You could probably get on Offbeatr, and get this kickstarted. However, almost nothing in the prototype actually works. So far I'm able to change to one hairstyle, choose to have her do one of the 4 training exercises, or go to town. Nothing else works at all. You should probably have made it more clear in the Hongfire thread that this thing isn't remotely ready to even be called an alpha.

    Keep it up though, the game looks beautiful, and I love the concept

  2. It`s actually the old proof concept build, the old Hong Fire Gladiatrix Slave thread got erased when the HF site is down so i make a new one with the old prototype link.
    Maybe i should release the newest build to avoid confusion.Thank you for the heads up.
    Oh dear, i never knew there`s a kickstarter for adult project.I wonder if they accept project from Japan?thanks again.

    1. I don't see why they wouldn't accept project that are of Japanese origin.