Gladiatrix Slave Project Summary

Alright guys, been prototyping this idea of a Monster Rancher style H-Game i had in my mind yesterday.A quite simple game loop to train an elven slave to be a sex gladiator (or gladiatrix).


Game Title    :    Gladiatrix Slave
Genre          :    Training Simulation
Fetish          :    Bondage, Futanari
Game Engine :    Construct Classic
Platform       :    PC

You will be a Demoness Succubus called a "Slavemancer" where your job is to train an elven slave to be a sex gladiatrix (gladiator)to compete in the Arena to entertain the audience of a demon races. In this Arena your slave will be battling against another slave, where the first one to cum is the loser.You will equipped your slave with better clothing to protect her private parts from the gold you acquired, either from the Arena or you can rent out your slave to the brothel house.
The time limit is 3 Years to make your slave the best sex Gladiatrix ever, which will serve the Demon King and making you the best renowned Slavemancer in the Demon Realms.

I think that`s pretty much sums up the idea, and i will again go with the pixel art style, just for the sake of my ego :p.

The prototype is still a mess to everyone except me to understand, but the concept is been lay down enough. The sex battle system is still blurry though, basically you tried to undress your opponent so you can reveal your opponent private parts and stimulate it,gotta ask some idea to forums later.


Training Yard

Everyday OBIDIENCE (OBI) will decrease depending on her LOYALTY(LOY) stats, You can make the OBI stats up by "motivating"her in the Dungeon using various tools.

Bed Chamber
You can have sex with your slave here and train her sex stats  

Milking Room
Your slave is an immortal elf thanks to what it`s called  Mana Nectar that you can milk by making her orgasms from it`s summoned penis, This Mana Nectar is quite valuable for the demons.You can also milk her breast for milk.


Nymposeum Arena
This is where all the other Slavemancer compete their slave

The Queen Gladiatrix Brothel
If you run out of gold, you can rent out your slave to this brothel, the gold you received is based on your slave sex stats and FAME.

Whip and Chain Guild
This is a Slavemancer`s guild where they sell item and cloth for your slave.

Some of the Pixel Art
I will reuse some sprite from SHEVC to make it more fast.

Tell me guys what you think and if you have any idea for this game let me hear about it.Thanks and Good bye.

Oh and you guys should check this cool concept WIP H-Game by Cheshire Cat Game

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