Oh god!It`s really hard making an asteroid sprite, after the time i spend, i failed miserably by making it really hard to see with a black background.
I was trying to make an asteroid that you can mine and sell it for money, it`s really an intriguing idea but making a rock pixel is surprisingly hard.
Anyway here`s my try :

Seems everything is going as planed, by the end of the year we hope we can release a demo and start building hype from there and hear some feedback before starting the production.Let`s just hope it sell so we can another H-Games.Cheers guys!


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  2. Ok, trying again after seeing it post double then eating both:
    Have you considered a mostly white/light grey asteroid, with darker spots/colors to represent more valuable ores/minerals in the roid? I feel a simple style with some detail would probably be better than going to detailed and dark.

  3. Thank you, i was thinking to replace it with a crystal around it with a color like green or red so player can easily spot it.But i guess you`re right, a more simple style is much better than a detailed one.