Some change in races of S.H.E.V.C

 I try to come up with another alternative naming with the elf and dwarf, changing the F with a V, and the Orc replacing the C with X,sounds more sci-fi-ish i guess.

Here`s some races info :

Inhabitants of the Earth, Human is one of the most intelligence races in the galaxy.

The oldest race in the galaxy.They have a similarities with the human, except with a much taller figure and a long pointy ear.

Mostly share resemble with The Elv but with more smaller height (an adult Dwarv may look like a human children, the only way to distinguish them is by comparing with their elv like ear).The Dwarv is known for their Asteroid mining capability, making them easily to monopolize the trade of valuable minerals in the Galaxy.

A Nomadic humanoid cat-like alien race. The most youngest race to evolve in the Galaxy civilization. The Avedas is scattered around the Galaxy due their home planet being conquered by the Orx .

This rabbit like humanoid race is the most tallest race compare to the other races height. This peaceful race is known for their frequency of mating even with another races.

Known for their thirst for war and resources, the Orxs became the most dangerous threat in the Galaxy. With their astonishing reproduction ability the Orxs could amass a numerous military personnel which is the backbone of their strength.

The Broxs are a reptile-like factions which is a very closed civilization. They are a self-reliance culture and believe that accepting an help is a sign of weakness, Even though there are no report The Broxs invading another races, but due their low contact with other faction, most of the races are growing suspicious to them.

Oh man i really sucks making stories, it`s sound so cheesy and it don`t feel right at some points.
Well better get some sleep and get back to it later.Anyone wants to add a race?

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