Progress on the prototype :
- Player now can fire turret with left mouse button
- Added a Hull, Shield and Fuel bar.
- Mocking up the game interface
- Adding the Space Trade Station
- Adding a basic enemy AI

The ship movement is one of the most frustrating here, i could n`t remember how many times i changed the way the ship move.

At first i make the ship move with a standard WASD key, but when i added the enemy to the game the battle is pretty dull, so i decided added a more realistic physic stuff, discarded the right and left key button and swap it with a mouse based navigation, and the results is a better dog fight. Better show it to some forums to get some feedback.

For the Space Trade Station it`s still barely a rough sketch. The view is horizontal side scrolling where you can enter a various place like Trade Center (Selling and buying goods), Hangar (Buy ship)and Bar. Below is the screenshot of the Trade Station :

Yes, the stick man is the player

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