Our first H-Game Project

So lets begin shall we?Here`s some rough overview of my game idea :


Working title  : S.H.E.V.C
Genre : Space Trading Games
Engines : Construct Classic
Game Modes : Single Player
Platform : PC
Audiences : 21+


       Shevc is an Sci-Fi 2D Top-down Space Trading Game with a dating sim elements, player with take control Rebrov, a freelance who will trade space goods, hunting pirates or mine asteroid to gain credits (money) to upgrade his ships.

Along the way Rebrov will meet some women which he can approach and eventually marrying her.


       The Shevc world is a fictional galaxy contain various races ; Human; natives planet of Earth,Elves; one of the ancient races of the Galaxy,Dwarf; The master of asteroids mining ,Orc; A resource thirsty races ,Avedas; an humanoid cat race; ,Nix; an humanoid rabbit race and Broxs; an reptilian races .

           Story begins with Rebrov being dispelled from the Earth Federation Army after disobeying superior order to save a group of Avedas colony abandoning his battle station . 2 Years later Rebrov now doing a freelance job in a Dwarven Asteroid Mining Station, hoping to collect enough credit to buy his own ship.
                  At this time Kha-Spar an Orc Warlord begin his campaign of dominating the whole races in the galaxy.
                   The player will win the game if player can defeat Kha-Spar by upgrading their ship with better arsenal.In order to do this player must explore the solar system and collect Credits by trading goods, battling pirates or mining asteroid.


                The erotic content will mostly will be a interactive sex event and several CG. Player can marry several NPC after her heart rate is high enough.

*It`s still a rough concept and might be have an several's amount of changes afterwards.If you guys have any suggestion or critic just hit me with the comment :D.

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