Japanese girl moaning

Today`s progress :
1. Adding a rolling text effect on dialog bar
2. Another ship sprite

"Haven`t decided her name yet, do your thing Tomtheslayer!"

             There`s something funny today, I went to meet a Japanese friends of mine and I told her about this ero game i`m making (SHEVC) i told her, it`s about a space trading games with ero content on it and by my surprise she offers to fill in the girl moan sounds for free, I laugh at her thinking it was a joke but she seems pretty serious (she even want to try the prototype).I think Japanese people who often hang around with foreigners really do quite more open than Japanese who rarely hang out with foreigner (personal theory).
             But I don`t know, a Japanese girl moan really won`t fit in an English game, but then again she`s got some cute voice lol.


  1. You could name it the Valkyrie! Due to its size! :D

    And hey, Japanese girl wants to moan for your game? Why you no say yes instantly!?

    'Sides, not like the game is fully voiced or something. So say yes to her offer.

  2. I love too, but i don`t have any sound recording device besides my phone.

  3. Does she have any she could use? o.o