Another Sketch.....

T.I.N.A the SexDroids

Besides sketching T.I.N.A I started to fleshing out the main game loop in Construct, starting with the basic control of the ship and the enemy.

If anybody wondering why i choose Construct as my game engine; Well first; because it`s free :p and it`s quite comfortable to use (at least for me) , I`ve been using Construct for about 2 years now and it`s gone pretty well,especially if you`re an artist who can`t code like me.

Well lets get back to Tina shall we.

T.I.N.A is the latest version SexDroid, design as a robot prostitutes for human.Player will meet her in Human Trade station and can buy her "services". I`ve got this idea when i see EDI from Mass Effect 3 but instead cover her metal body i added some prosthetic skin,  She remind me of Lady Gaga though.

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